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  • Stand Eye Wash
    Post time: 06-04-2024

    Stand eye wash is a type of eye wash. When the operator’s eyes or face are accidentally sprayed with toxic and harmful substances, they can quickly go to the vertical eye wash for eye and face flushing within 10 seconds. The flushing lasts 15 minutes. Effectively dilute the concentration of...Read more »

  • Preventing Misoperation While Equipment Maintenance
    Post time: 06-04-2024

    In recent years, with the rapid development of industry, in the production process of enterprises, the use of equipment and facilities has become more and more extensive. It not only greatly improves labor productivity and reduces product manufacturing costs, but also replaces people in some rela...Read more »

  • The Guangdong International Intelligence Shoe Machinery Equipment!WELKEN invites you to visit.
    Post time: 05-15-2024

    With the deep integration of manufacturing and information technology, and labor shortages and other issues becoming increasingly prominent, finding new growth points and competitive advantages has become a problem that traditional shoe leather companies must face in their transformation and dev...Read more »

  • We’re thrilled to extend a warm invitation!#CIOSH
    Post time: 04-24-2024

    We are thrilled to announce that Marst Safety Equipment (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. will be participating in the 106th China Labor Protection Products Fair Join us tomorrow at Ciosh in Shanghai, where we will be showcasing our latest innovations. Looking forward to meeting you at the exhibition! Date: Ap...Read more »

  • The exhibition is over, but it was a perfect ending.
    Post time: 04-22-2024

    Recently, we successfully held the Mexico Labor insurance exhibition, to show you our new products, while expanding business cooperation, enhance brand influence, after a few days of busy, the exhibition ended successfully! We thank every customer for their trust and support.Your recognition giv...Read more »

  • Post time: 04-19-2024

    A plug lockout is a safety device used to prevent unauthorized use of electrical plugs. It typically consists of a lockable cover or device that can be placed over the plug to prevent it from being inserted into an outlet. This is commonly used in industrial settings to ensure that equipment or m...Read more »

  • We sincerely invite you to attend the Expo Seguridad Industrial!
    Post time: 04-12-2024

      Hello,WELKEN is inviting you to our booth!This is really an opportunity to meet with our partners! MARST Safety Equipment is a professional manufacturer specializing in the research, development, production and sales of individual anti-accident devices. Our foreign trade brand “WELKEN” ...Read more »

  • WELKEN Qing Ming Festival Holiday Notice
    Post time: 04-01-2024

    The Qingming Festival or Ching Ming Festival, also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day in English (sometimes also called Chinese Memorial Day, Ancestors’ Day, the Clear Brightness Festival, or the Pure Brightness Festival), is a traditional Chinese festival observed by ethnic Chinese in China, Malay...Read more »

  • happy Women’s Day !
    Post time: 03-11-2024

    In celebration of Women’s Day, the WELKEN team organized a special afternoon tea event for the women in the company. The event was a delightful gathering that brought together the women of the company to celebrate their achievements and contributions.       The afternoon tea was a perfect o...Read more »

  • What’s the Eyewash Using Step?
    Post time: 02-21-2024

    The steps for using an eyewash station are as follows: Immediately after exposure to a hazardous substance, locate the nearest eyewash station.If you are wearing contact lenses, remove them if it can be done quickly and easily. Position yourself in front of the eyewash station and quickly pull do...Read more »

  • What’s Lockoout Tagout Steps?
    Post time: 02-21-2024

    Lockout Tagout (LOTO) is a safety procedure used to ensure that dangerous machines and energy sources are properly shut off and not able to be started up again until the maintenance or servicing is complete. The following are the general steps involved in a LOTO procedure: Notify affected employe...Read more »

  • Eyewash
    Post time: 01-19-2024

    A portable eyewash station is a self-contained unit designed to provide a quick and convenient way to flush the eyes in case of emergency. They are often used in areas where plumbing is not readily available or as a supplement to permanent eyewash stations. Portable eyewash stations typically con...Read more »

    Post time: 01-19-2024

    A ball valve lockout is a safety device used to prevent the accidental opening or closing of ball valves during maintenance or repair work. It typically consists of a device that clamps onto the valve handle, preventing it from being turned. This helps to ensure that the valve remains in a safe a...Read more »

  • WELKEN Chinese New Year Holiday Notice
    Post time: 01-05-2024

    Dear Valued Clients,   2023 has come to an end. It is the right moment for us to say thank you for a continuous support and understanding throughout the year.   Please be advised that our company will be closed from Feburary 2nd to February 18th for Chinese Lunar New Year holidy. The lo...Read more »

  • Wish you a merry Christmas and Safe New Year – WELKEN
    Post time: 12-25-2023

    As the new year comes to an end, we would like to take this opportunity to extend our most sincere blessings to all our customers, partners and friends. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! WELKEN family appreciate all your support and trust throughout this past year.  We will further improve our ...Read more »

  • Your LOTO expert WELKEN
    Post time: 12-04-2023

    When implementing the LOTO system, we recommend that you to take these two steps first – risk analysis and equipment audit. Evaluate the initial state, the optimal settings of the LOTO system and allow to determine the time and number of LOTO elements. Subsequently, the main LOTO directive ...Read more »

  • See how we celebrate fall and Thanksgiving: The perfect balance of work and play.
    Post time: 11-30-2023

    Autumn is undoubtedly a beautiful season, with nature changing colors and providing us with stunning landscapes. It is also a time when we come together to celebrate Thanksgiving and express our gratitude for all the blessings we have received. One of the ways we celebrate fall and Thanksgiving a...Read more »

  • WELKEN Q & A
    Post time: 11-15-2023

    Quality 1. Have you got some certificates? Yes, we’ve got ISO, CE and ANSI certificates. 2. How about Quality & QC? All products are with CE certificate, and emergency eye wash & showers meet ANSI standard. We usually do strict inspections during production and before shipment to control ...Read more »

  • Perfect end of the exhibition!
    Post time: 10-30-2023

          Hello! Thanks all  for coming to visit our booth!  We also thank every customer for their trust and support.  Marst Safety Equipment (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.  hopes that we can stay in touch and make progress together! The most innovative product at this exhibition: This product is made of high...Read more »

  • Automatic Retractable Cable Lockout
    Post time: 10-28-2023

    Automatic Retractable Cable Lockout Lockout body is made from Polycarbonate Plastic (PC). Cable length:1.8m, the outer layer of the cable is made from anti-UV PVC. Automatic retraction function, press the winding switch button, the cable can automatic retract and hidden in the lockout; maneuvera...Read more »

  • Invitation – Germany A+A Exhibition 2023
    Post time: 10-25-2023

    Hello,WELKEN  is inviting you to  our  booth!It’s been four years since the previous A+A exhibition, we really miss you all!           Now, a safe working environment needs to be taken seriously. Thus, safety equipments play crucial role. WELKEN value the safety of all lives, we produce safety ...Read more »

  • Marst Safety Equipment (Tianjin) Co., Ltd attends A+A in Dusseldorf
    Post time: 10-23-2023

    The 2023 Industrial Protection and Occupational Health Exhibition (A+A 2023) in Dusseldorf, Germany officially kicked off on October 24. As a professional safety product manufacturer, Marst Safety Equipment (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. appeared at the exhibition. The German Labor Insurance Exhibition A+A ...Read more »

  • Grip-cinching Cable Lockout
    Post time: 10-18-2023

    Grip-cinching Cable Lockout Made from impact resistant engineering plastic nylon PA Used 1.6 meter stainless steel cable, the outer layer of cable is made from anti-UV PVC (diameter 4mm). Self-locking function, the cable lock is self-locking under the condition of not being operated, ensuring th...Read more »

  • Lockout Hasp
    Post time: 10-11-2023

    Nylon Lockout Hasp a.Made from alloy engineering plastics with American DuPont nylon shackle. b.Apply to where place electric power isolation and lock, high requirement of corrosive or explosion-proof places. c.Advantages: small and exquisite, can be applied to 3-6mm lock hole. Write available on...Read more »

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