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  • Life is Principle
    Post time: 06-08-2018

    Life only have once, peace accompany you a lifetime. It is a famous saying to tell us a truth: Life is principle. It is an research shows that 10% of accident happened because of using the safety lockout incorrectly.There are 25000 accident broken out without the lockout and tagout per year. Eve...Read more »

  • Automatic Future
    Post time: 06-01-2018

    Recently, a hot topic has been discussed which is about automatic machine. Is the AI (artificial intelligence) can replace the human labor? Different people have variable opinion. As far as the author’s concerned, it is impossible that AI replace human, however, the tendency of future is the coo...Read more »

  • Eye Wash and Shower: the Guardian of Security
    Post time: 05-18-2018

      Emergency eyewash and shower units are designed to rinse contaminants from the user’s eyes, face or body. As such, these units are forms of first aid equipment to be used in the event of an accident.  However, they are not a substitute for primary protective devices (including eye and fac...Read more »

  • Post time: 09-20-2017

    What Must Be Locked Or Tagged Out  The lockout/tagout standard covers servicing and maintenance of equipment where unexpected energization or start-up of equipment could harm employees. Lockout/Tagout Procedures 1.Prepare for shutdown Indentify the type of energy and potential hazards, locate the...Read more »

  • Post time: 09-20-2017

    Law of the People’s Republic of China on Work Safety (November 2002) Occupation Health and Safety Management Systems (December 2001) Working Regulation of Power Safety (January 1987) Safety Production License Regulations (March 2006) Safety and Hygiene Regulations for Plant (May 1956) Occupation ...Read more »

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