Advantages & Capabilities

1. Production Equipment

Name Model Quantity
HAAS CNC Machining Center VF-2/3 2
TGWY CNC Machining Center TG300150-80/200-100 2
Leadway Injection Molding Machine BLAZE110/150/350 3

2. Production Lines

Production Line Supervisor NO. of Operators NO. of In-line QC
Eyewash 1 12 1
Lockout 2 9 1
Shoe Making Machine 1 11 2
Rescue Tripod 1 3 1
Smart Device 1 5 1

3. Production Capacity

Name Safety Lockout Eye Wash & Shower Shoe Making Machine
Annual Output (pieces) 1 million 20 thousand 15-20 sets
Monthly Output (pieces) 80-100 thousand 1.5-2 thousand 1-2 sets

4. R&D Capacity

Market Research

1st-Market Research

Through exhibitions, customer surveys, and market research to understand customer and market needs, and formulate the company’s new product R&D plan.
Demand Analysis and Development Plan

2nd-Demand Analysis and Development Plan

Feasibility analysis of new product R&D based on survey results, and determine the R & D plan.
Development and Design

3rd-Development and Design

Develop and design new products independently according to the R & D plan.
Pilot Production

4th-Pilot Production

Sample proofing and new product testing.
Mass Production

5th-Mass Production

Mass production of qualified new products.

5. Quality Control (QC)

raw material inspection

1st-Raw Materials Procurement

Strictly control the purchase quality of raw materials
During production inspection

2nd-Production process inspection

Professional QC is responsible for the quality control of all aspects of production
finished goods inspection

3rd-Finished products inspection

Strictly control the quality of finished products