• cable lockout
    Post time: 11-30-2023

    Cable lockout refers to a method used to lock and secure equipment or devices using a cable lock. The cable lock is made of a strong, durable cable that can be looped around the device or equipment and secured with a lock. This prevents unauthorized access or use of the equipment.To perform a cab...Read more »

  • See how we celebrate fall and Thanksgiving: The perfect balance of work and play.
    Post time: 11-30-2023

    Autumn is undoubtedly a beautiful season, with nature changing colors and providing us with stunning landscapes. It is also a time when we come together to celebrate Thanksgiving and express our gratitude for all the blessings we have received. One of the ways we celebrate fall and Thanksgiving a...Read more »

  • Safety Padlock
    Post time: 11-28-2023

    A security padlock is a lock designed to provide enhanced security and safety features compared to traditional padlocks. Some common features of security padlocks include: Enhanced durability: Security padlocks are typically made from heavy-duty materials like hardened steel or brass, making them...Read more »

  • Rescue tripod
    Post time: 11-23-2023

    If you’re in need of rescuing a tripod, here are some steps you can follow:Assess the situation: Determine the extent of the danger or problem the tripod is facing. Is it stuck, damaged, or in a hazardous location? Understanding the situation will help you plan your rescue approach.Safety f...Read more »

  • eyewash shower
    Post time: 11-16-2023

    An eyewash shower, also known as an emergency shower and eyewash station, is a safety equipment used in industrial and laboratory settings to provide immediate first aid in case of exposure to hazardous substances. It consists of a showerhead that provides a continuous flow of water to rinse off ...Read more »

  • Combination eye wash shower
    Post time: 11-14-2023

    A combination eye wash shower is a safety fixture that combines both an eye wash station and a shower within a single unit. This type of fixture is commonly used in industrial settings, laboratories, and other work environments where there is a risk of chemical exposure or other hazardous substan...Read more »

    Post time: 11-09-2023

    ABS Safety LOTO Padlock refers to a type of padlock used in lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures for ensuring the safety of workers during maintenance or repair of machinery or equipment. LOTO procedures aim to prevent accidental startup or release of stored energy that could cause injury or harm.The...Read more »

  • Wall mounted eyewash
    Post time: 11-07-2023

    A wall-mounted eye wash station is a safety fixture designed to provide immediate relief to individuals who have come into contact with hazardous substances or foreign objects in their eyes. It is typically installed in workplaces, laboratories, and other areas where there is a risk of eye injuri...Read more »

  • Cable Lockout
    Post time: 11-02-2023

    Cable lockout is a safety measure used to prevent machinery or equipment from being accidentally energized or started during maintenance, repair or repair. It involves the use of lockable cables or locking devices to protect energy sources, such as electrical or mechanical controls, to prevent th...Read more »

  • Lockout tagout
    Post time: 11-01-2023

    Lockout tagout safety padlocks are specialized locks used in lockout tagout procedures to ensure the safety of workers during maintenance or repair work on machinery or equipment. These locks are designed to prevent accidental or unauthorized use of the equipment while it is being serviced.To use...Read more »

  • Perfect end of the exhibition!
    Post time: 10-30-2023

          Hello! Thanks all  for coming to visit our booth!  We also thank every customer for their trust and support.  Marst Safety Equipment (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.  hopes that we can stay in touch and make progress together! The most innovative product at this exhibition: This product is made of high...Read more »

  • Automatic Retractable Cable Lockout
    Post time: 10-28-2023

    Automatic Retractable Cable Lockout Lockout body is made from Polycarbonate Plastic (PC). Cable length:1.8m, the outer layer of the cable is made from anti-UV PVC. Automatic retraction function, press the winding switch button, the cable can automatic retract and hidden in the lockout; maneuvera...Read more »

  • Invitation – Germany A+A Exhibition 2023
    Post time: 10-25-2023

    Hello,WELKEN  is inviting you to  our  booth!It’s been four years since the previous A+A exhibition, we really miss you all!           Now, a safe working environment needs to be taken seriously. Thus, safety equipments play crucial role. WELKEN value the safety of all lives, we produce safety ...Read more »

  • Marst Safety Equipment (Tianjin) Co., Ltd attends A+A in Dusseldorf
    Post time: 10-23-2023

    The 2023 Industrial Protection and Occupational Health Exhibition (A+A 2023) in Dusseldorf, Germany officially kicked off on October 24. As a professional safety product manufacturer, Marst Safety Equipment (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. appeared at the exhibition. The German Labor Insurance Exhibition A+A ...Read more »

  • Three Types of Lockout Box
    Post time: 10-20-2023

    Lockout Kit Brand WELKEN Model 8811-13 Material Carbon Steel External Dimensions Length 260mm, Width 103mm, Height 152mm. BD-8811 Only one lock hole, suitable for single management. BD-8812 13 lock holes easy for multiple persons co-management. Only the last worker removes his/her padlock, can...Read more »

  • Grip-cinching Cable Lockout
    Post time: 10-18-2023

    Grip-cinching Cable Lockout Made from impact resistant engineering plastic nylon PA Used 1.6 meter stainless steel cable, the outer layer of cable is made from anti-UV PVC (diameter 4mm). Self-locking function, the cable lock is self-locking under the condition of not being operated, ensuring th...Read more »

  • Post time: 10-16-2023

    We would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone attending the Canton Fair this year. Marst Safety Equipment (Tianjin)Co.Ltd is excited to be show our safety locks equipment,and we hope you will come to visit us at our booth to learn more about our products and how they can help you save your...Read more »

  • Lockout Hasp
    Post time: 10-11-2023

    Nylon Lockout Hasp a.Made from alloy engineering plastics with American DuPont nylon shackle. b.Apply to where place electric power isolation and lock, high requirement of corrosive or explosion-proof places. c.Advantages: small and exquisite, can be applied to 3-6mm lock hole. Write available on...Read more »

  • Are you looking for fall protection equipment?
    Post time: 10-10-2023

    Aluminum Miller Tripod Brand WELKEN Model BD-610 Rated Load ≤3KN Maximum Load 300KGS Length Maximum closing length 2.2m, minimum closing length 1.69m Cable Length 30m Handle Force 0.2KN Working Height Maximum working height 1.95m, minimum working height 1.15m Special Note The multi-function tri...Read more »

  • What is the difference between a davit arm and a tripod?
    Post time: 10-08-2023

    A tripod is a great option for task-specific work like manhole entry. One worker can easily set up a tripod and transport it from one location to another. There are limits to the size of opening a tripod can accommodate. A davit arm is a great option if you need more versatility.   Best rega...Read more »

  • Combination Eye Wash and Shower is ON SALE
    Post time: 10-07-2023

    Combination Eye Wash & Shower Brand WELKEN Model BD-560 Head 10” stainless steel or ABS Eye Wash Nozzle ABS spraying with 10” waste water recycle bowl Shower Valve 1” 304 stainless steel ball valve Eye Wash Valve 1/2” 304 stainless steel ball valve Supply 1 1/4″ FNPT Waste 1 1/4R...Read more »

  • National Day Holidays
    Post time: 09-28-2023

    Marst Safety Equipment (Tianjin) Co.,Ltd will not work from Sept. 29th to Oct. 6th, 2023 because of the National Day holidays. For any emergency, please contact below. Maria Lee        Marst Safety Equipment (Tianjin) Co.,Ltd No. 36, Fagang South Road, Shuanggang Town, Jinnan District, Tianjin,...Read more »

  • Marst lock classification
    Post time: 09-28-2023

    Safety padlocks, safety tags and signs, electrical accident prevention devices, valve accident prevention devices, buckle accident prevention devices, steel cable accident prevention devices, lock management stations, combined management packages, safety lock hangers, etc. Marst Safety Equipment ...Read more »

  • Explosion-proof Cable Heated Combination Eye Wash and Shower
    Post time: 09-25-2023

    Name Explosion Proof with Cable Heated Freeze Resistant Eye Wash & Shower Brand WELKEN Model BD-580 BD-580A BD-580B BD-580C Head  ABS with warning yellow Eye Wash Nozzle ABS spraying with 10” ABS waste water recycle bowl, warning yellow Shower Valve 1” 304 stainless steel ...Read more »

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