Grip-cinching Cable Lockout BD-8413

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    Grip-cinching Cable Lockout BD-8413

    • Made from impact resistant engineering plastic nylon PA
    • Used 1.6 meter stainless steel cable, the outer layer of cable is made from anti-UV PVC (diameter 4mm)
    • Self-locking function, the cable lock is self-locking under the condition of not being operated, ensuring that the cable is not arbitrarily stretched, and the locking function is strong
    • Can write the lable (in Chinese or in English) to identify the operator
    • Locked with 5 padlocks, lock shackle diameter is less than 7mm

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    Inner Box Outer Carton
    QTY (pcs) 1 30
    DIM (cm) 12*10.5*4.5 34*31*28
    G.W. (kg) 0.27 8.4


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