Electrical Switch Lockout BD-8151

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    Electrical lockout and more

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     Electrical Switch Lockout BD-8151 can be locked to prevent the operation of isolated power source or equipment casually until the isolation finished and the Lockout/ Tagout removed. Meanwhile by using Lockout Tags to warn people the isolated power sources or equipment cannot be operated casually.


    1. Switch Lockout is transparent ABS resin injection molding.

    2.External dimensions: Length 61.7mm, Width 30.5mm, Height18.5mm;

    3.Use with professional safety padlock and tag together.

     Electrical Switch Lockout

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  •  Electrical Switch Lockout BD-8151

     Electrical Switch Lockout BD-8151:


    1. Factory direct sales.


    2. Eye-catching and safety.


    3. Sturdy and durable.


    4. Multiple specificationsn available.


    5. Prevent accidents and protect life to the greatest extent.


    6. Effectively improve production efficiency and save costs.

    Electrical accident prevention device:

    For locking all kinds of circuit breakers, electrical switches, plugs, etc.

    The safety lock of circuit breaker is a kind of electrical protection appliance, which can effectively prevent the circuit breaker from being misoperated and causing unnecessary injury and death.

    Circuit breakers are mainly used to manage the power supply of factories or enterprises. When the plant equipment needs to operate normally, it is necessary to lock the circuit breaker with a safety lock to prevent someone from making mistakes or turning off the power supply maliciously. Similarly, if the equipment needs to be overhauled, the circuit breaker also needs to be locked when the power supply is connected. Ensure the life safety of maintenance personnel.

    Circuit breaker locks are usually divided into miniature circuit breaker safety locks, small circuit breaker safety locks, large circuit breaker safety locks, multi-purpose circuit breaker safety locks, knife switch safety locks, molded case circuit breaker safety locks, etc.

    electrical lockout

    Product Model No. description
    Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout BD-8111 Pin out,suitable for the circuit breaker toggle switch width ≤11mm
    BD-8112 Pin out,suitable for the circuit breaker toggle switch width ≤20mm
    BD-8114 Pin in,suitable for locking hole space maximum 12.7mm.
    Multi-mini Breaker Lockout BD-8113 Suitable for the circuit breaker toggle switch thickness maximum 9mm, no limit for width.
    Multi-function Circuit Breaker Lockout BD-8121 Suitable for miniature circuit breaker (handle width ≤ 17mm, handle thickness ≤ 15mm).
    Push Button Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout BD-8118 Suitable for push button circuit breaker (button dimensions ≤14.5mm*22mm).
    Circuit Breaker Lockout(small) BD-8121A Be made of ABS, good insulation performance.
    BD-8126 Suitable for the circuit breaker toggle switch thickness<10mm, no limit for width.
    BD-8123A Suitable for single pole miniature circuit breakers with handle width≤7.7mm.
    BD-8123B Suitable for 2 to 4 poles miniature circuit breaker.
    BD-8123C Suitable for mini and middle size circuit breakers with handle width≤5mm.
    BD-8123D Suitable for mini and middle size circuit breakers with handle width≤5mm
    BD-8123E Suitable for large size circuit breakers.
    BD-8123F Suitable for mini size circuit breakers with handle width≤9.3mm, middle size circuit breakers with handlewidth≤12mm.
    Multi-function Medium-sized Circuit Breaker Lockout BD-8122 Suitable for all kinds of medium-sized circuit breaker (handle thickness ≤ 18mm, no limit to width).
    Circuit Breaker Lockout(big) BD-8127 Suitable for the circuit breaker toggle switch width <60mm, thickness <23mm.
    Circuit Breaker Lockout(big) 8122A Suitable for handle width < 41mm, thickness <15.8mm.
    Knife-switch Lockout BD-8125 Suitable for knife switch.
    Emergency Stop Lockout BD-8131 Install hole diameter 22mm
    BD-8132 Install hole diameter 30.5mm
    Electric Button Switch Lockout BD-8141 Bottom hole diameter 29mm
    Universal Switch Lockout BD-8142 Bottom square hole size 69mm*69mm, applicable for most square switches.
    Quick Install Emergency Stop Lockout BD-8136 It is transparent ABS injection molding.
    Quick Install Gear Switch Lockout BD-8145 Diameter 71.5mm, height 99mm
    Electric Switch Lockout BD-8151 Bottom hole size: Length 32mm, Width 27mm
    General Wall Switch Lockout BD-8161 External dimensions: Length 124mm, Width 96.5mm, Thickness 33.5mm ,Lockout open method: up and down to open.
    General Wall Socket Lockout BD-8162 External dimensions: Length 95mm, Width 123mm, Thickness 64mm ,Lockout open method: left and right to open.
    Plug Lockout BD-8181 External dimensions: Length 103mm, Width 60mm, Height 60mm
    Big Plug Lockout BD-8182 External dimensions: Length 178mm, Width 80mm, Thickness 85mm
    Three-phase Plug Lockout BD-8184 Applicable 10A 220V three-phase power plug.
    BD-8185 Applicable 16A 220V three-phase power plug.
    European Standard Two-phase Plug Lockout BD-8186 Applicable 220V two-phase round plug and European standard power plug.
    Trapezoidal Plug Lockout BD-8187 Provide lock protection for the computer host and electrical equipment
    Crane Lift Controller Lockout Bag BD-8191 External dimensions: Length 450mm, Width 250mm , fasten with a strap.
    BD-8192 External dimensions: Length 450mm, Width 250mm, fasten with a steel cable.