Three Types of Lockout Box

BD-8811-1-101 BD-8812-1-102


Lockout Kit
Model 8811-13
Material Carbon Steel
External Dimensions Length 260mm, Width 103mm, Height 152mm.
BD-8811 Only one lock hole, suitable for single management.
BD-8812 13 lock holes easy for multiple persons co-management. Only the last worker removes his/her padlock, can get the keys in the box.
BD-8813 13 lock holes, One side is transparent and visual management, which is convenient for many people to manage together.
Quality Material Be made of high carbon steel, red , can customize yellow or brown according to the requests.

Special Design 1 “Each locking point on equipment needs one padlock to secure the safety. Collect these keys and put into the box and
each authorized worker locks his padlock on the box.”

Special Design 2 After work, workers remove their own padlock from the box, then the keys can be got in the box.


Post time: Oct-20-2023