Preventing Misoperation While Equipment Maintenance

In recent years, with the rapid development of industry, in the production process of enterprises, the use of equipment and facilities has become more and more extensive. It not only greatly improves labor productivity and reduces product manufacturing costs, but also replaces people in some relatively Working in dangerous and harsh environment places or areas improves people’s working environment and reduces people’s hazard risks during the work process.

In the process of maintenance, production and operation of these machinery and equipment, there will be equipment failures. At this time, trained and authorized professional maintenance personnel are required to overhaul the equipment.

Before the equipment maintenance work begins, the maintenance personnel need to tag-lock the repaired instrument to prevent others from accidentally opening the operation without knowing the mechanical failure, so that the maintenance personnel and the staff will be affected by the operation of the malfunctioning machine. Injuries, but also cause unnecessary losses and troubles.

The “LOTO” protective measure can be said to be an effective safety protective measure for the company in the current equipment maintenance process. It effectively protects the safety of maintenance personnel, protects the equipment from damage, prevents accidents caused by accidental release of equipment energy, and enables maintenance personnel to control the danger themselves and ensure that they are not injured.

Post time: Jun-04-2024