Eye Wash Usage Trainning

Simply installing emergency equipment is not sufficient means of ensuring worker safety. It is also very important that employees are trained in the location and proper use of emergency equipment. Research shows that after an incident has occurred, rinsing eyes within the first ten seconds is essential. Therefore, employees at the highest risk of damaging their eyes in each department must be trained regularly. All employees must know the location of the emergency equipment and be aware that quick and effective rinsing is important in an emergency.

The sooner the injured employee’s eyes are rinsed, the lower the risk of damage. Every second is important when preventing permanent damage to save time for medical treatment. All employees must be reminded that this equipment is only to be used in emergencies, tampering with the equipment may cause a malfunction. In emergencies, the afflicted may be unable to open their eyes. Employees may feel pain, anxiousness and loss. They may need others’ help to reach the equipment and use it. Push the handle to spray the liquid. When liquid sprays, put the injured employee’s left hand on the left nozzle, and the right hand on the right nozzle. Put the injured employee’s head over the eyewash bowl which is hand controlled. When rinsing the eyes, use both hands’ thumb and index finger to open the eyelids, rinsing for at least 15 minutes. After rinsing, seek medical treatment immediately Security and supervisory personnel must be notified that the equipment has been used.

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Post time: May-31-2023