BD-570 Portable Eye Wash Instruction

I. Water filling

Unscrew the seal roof of water inlet pipe on the top of the water tank to add clean water. If the water overflows, screw up the valve to plug the water inlet pipe.

II. Stamping

Connect the pressure gauge of eye wash to the air compressor with inflatable hose, then the eye wash has been stamped. When the pressure gauge shows 0.6MPA, stopping to stamp.

III. Replacement of water storage

Water in tank should be replace with fifteen days. There are two methods to empty pressure in water tank as follow:

  1. Open the inflatable gas port of pressure gauge by using inflatable connector.
  2. Pull up the red safety brake ring on the seal roof of water inlet pipe until the pressure has been emptied. Unscrew the seal roof of water outlet pipe on the bottom of water tank to empty water. Then wrap the seal roof with belt.

IV. Preservation

The eye wash does not reserve the anti freeze function, and the environment temperature must be above 5 degrees. If temperature can’t reach 5 degrees, it needs to customize the insulation cover, but the eye wash must be set up on the side of electric circuit.

V. Maintenance

There should be professional staff to take charge of the emergency equipment and do as follows:

Regularly check the reading of the pressure gauge of the eye wash, for example, if the reading of the pressure gauge shows that it is less than half of the 0.6MPA, it is necessary to stamp the pressure to 0.6MPA in time.

In principle, it is necessary to fill with water when employee uses it. Even if no one uses it, he eye wash should always be in the state of filling water.

Water in tank should be replace with fifteen days.

Empty the liquid from the equipment if the eye wash do not be used for a long time. Cleaning the eye wash, then, put it in a clear in door environment without dangerous chemistry.


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