Combination Eye Wash & Shower BD-550A

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  • Min. Order Quantity: 1 piece
  • Shipping Port: Tianjin, China
  • Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
  • Supply Ability: 100 pieces per day
  • Weigh:  14.1kg
  • Size: 790*335*320mm
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    Technical Data:

    Head: 10” stainless steel or ABS

    Eye Wash Nozzle: ABS spraying with 10” ABS waste water recycle bowl

    Shower Valve: 1” 304 stainless steel ball valve

    Eye Wash Valve: 1/2” 304 stainless steel ball valve

    Supply: 1 1/4″ FNPT 

    Waste: 1 1/4″ FNPT     

    Eye Wash Flow ≥11.4 L/Min, shower flow≥75.7 L/Min

    Hydraulic Pressure: 0.2MPA-0.6MPA

    Original Water: Drinking water or filtered water

    Using Environment: Places where has hazardous substance splashing, such as chemicals, hazardous liquids, solid, gas and so on.

    Special Note: If the acid concentration is too high, recommend to use 316 stainless steel.

    When using ambient temperature below 0℃, use antifreeze eye wash.

    The eye wash & shower is made of high quality 304 stainless steel.

    Can install anti-scalding device to avoid the media temperature is too high in the pipe after the sun exposure and cause user scalding. The standard anti-scalding temperature is 35℃.

    Standard: ANSI Z358.1-2014

    BD-550A-1_01 BD-550A-1_02 BD-550A-1_03 BD-550A-1_04 BD-550A-1_05 BD-550A-1_06 BD-550A-1_07


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