A portable eyewash station is a self-contained unit designed to provide a quick and convenient way to flush the eyes in case of emergency. They are often used in areas where plumbing is not readily available or as a supplement to permanent eyewash stations. Portable eyewash stations typically contain a reservoir of sterile saline solution, and can be easily transported to the site of an accident. They are an important safety measure in workplaces where there is a risk of eye exposure to harmful substances.

Here are some general rules for using an eyewash station:If a hazardous substance gets into your eyes, immediately locate the nearest eyewash station.Before using the eyewash station, remove any contact lenses if you are wearing them.Pull down the eyewash handle to start the flow of water or saline solution.Use your fingers to gently hold your eye open while flushing it with the eyewash solution.Tilt your head to the side to ensure that the contaminated substance is washed out.Keep your eyes open and continue to flush them with the eyewash solution for at least 15 minutes.Seek medical attention after using the eyewash station, even if the irritation seems to have improved.It’s important to follow the specific instructions for the eyewash station in your workplace, as different models may have slightly different usage guidelines.


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