Gate Valve Lockout BD-8231~8235

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  • BD-8231 Weight and Size: 0.09kg, 105*84*45mm
  • BD-8232 Weight and Size: 0.25kg, 145*145*45mm
  • BD-8233 Weight and Size: 0.40kg, 205*188*60mm
  • BD-8234 Weight and Size: 0.712kg, 285*285*80mm
  • BD-8235 Weight and Size: 0.217kg, 360*360*80mm
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    Gate Valve Lockout BD-8231~8235

    1.Nylon Gate Valve Lockout is high strength ABS injection molding, with better high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and impact resistance and insulation performance.

    2.Working temperature: – 32 ℃ to 93 ℃;

    3.Unique design of central bulge, after removing, can be used for lifting rod gate valve.

    4.According to the handle diameter, there are 5 specifications lockout to choose.

    5.Stick with a warning label and indicate the application scope.

    6.Half moon flat box design can completely lock the valve handle to prevent misoperation.

    7.Use with professional safety padlock and tag together.

    Model Description
    BD-8231 Suitable for the handle diameter: 25mm-63mm
    BD-8232 Suitable for the handle diameter:63mm-127mm
    BD-8233 Suitable for the handle diameter:127mm-165mm
    BD-8234 Suitable for the handle diameter:165mm-254mm
    BD-8235 Suitable for the handle diameter:254mm-330mm

    BD-8231-gate valve lockout (1)BD-8231-gate valve lockout (2)
    BD-8231-gate valve lockout (3)BD-8231-gate valve lockout (5) BD-8231-gate valve lockout (6)


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    Inner Box Outer Carton
    QTY (pcs) 1 138
    DIM (cm) 10.5*8.5*4.5 37.5*48.5*42.5
    G.W. (kg) 0.092 13.75


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