Universal Cable Lockout BD-8422

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  • Brand: WELKEN
  • Model: BD-8412/8422
  • Color: Red
  • Material: ABS and Stainless Steel Cable
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    The structure of a steel cable lock usually includes a lock body and a steel cable. One end of the steel cable is fixedly connected to the lock body, and the other end of the steel cable cooperates with the lock hole on the lock body to form a lock. Although the steel cable lock is a convenient lock, the existing steel cable lock has the defects of low intelligence and poor anti-theft.

    Our Advantages

    1.Be made of ABS and stainless steel cable.

    2.Can lock gate valves of all sizes and can lock multiple control points,easy to carry widely used.

    3.Can accommodate 5 padlocks.

    4.Use with professional safety padlock and tag together.


    ABS is not easy to burn, and the safety factor is also high. The mechanical properties and thermal properties are good, and the hardness is high.

    Strong processability, easy to process, low difficulty, can be combined with other materials, and can also be painted, colored, electroplated, etc.

    It has good gloss, oil resistance, impact resistance and abrasion resistance.

    Its low-temperature impact performance is also relatively good, the production size is stable, and it is easy to form.

    Good corrosion resistance, resistant to erosion by water, inorganic salts, alkali alcohol or acids and alkalis, without any influence.

    Stainless steel provides many
    Advantages The main advantages include its high corrosion resistance, making it usable in harsh environments. It has fire and heat resistance, can resist fouling and maintain strength at high temperatures.

    The hygienic, non-porous surface coupled with the easy-to-clean ability of stainless steel makes it the first choice for applications that require strict hygiene control, such as hospitals, kitchens and other food processing plants. The beautiful appearance provides a modern and attractive appearance for most architectural metal applications.



    In order to better improve your work efficiency and ensure your safety

    Use with professional safety padlock and tag together.

    Please contact us if you have any question about the product.



     Brand WELKEN
     Model 8412 8422
     Color RED
     Material ABS and Stainless Steel Cable

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  • Universal Cable Lockout

    Can lock valves of all sizes,electrical cabinet,and other locking points.

    Easy to carry and widely used.

    Be made of ABS and stainless steel cable.

    Can accommodate 5 padlocks.

    Use with professional safety padlock and tag together.


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    Model Description
    BD-8412 With PVC cover,6mm diameter,2mm length.The length can be customized as requests
    BD-8422 With insulation cover,6mm diameter,6mm length.The length can be customized as requests