Cable Heated Stand Eye Wash BD-540D

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    Stand Eye Wash BD-540D is used to temporarily slow down the further harm of harmful substances to the body, face and eyes of the staff when toxic and harmful substances (such as chemical liquid, etc.) are splashed on the staff's body, face and eyes or the fire causes the staff's clothes to catch fire. Further treatment and treatment need to follow the doctor's guidance to avoid or reduce unnecessary accidents.


    Valve: Eye wash valve is made of 1/2” 304 stainless steel ball valve

    Supply: 1/2" FNPT 

    Waste: 1 1/4" FNPT     

    Eye Wash Flow≥11.4L/Min

    Hydraulic Pressure: 0.2MPA-0.6MPA

    Original Water: Drinking water or filtered water

    Using Environment: Places where has hazardous substance splashing, such as chemicals, hazardous liquids, solid, gas and other contaminated environment where may be burning.

    Special Note: If the acid concentration is too high, recommend to use 316 stainless steel.

    When using ambient temperature below 0℃, use antifreeze eye wash.

    Can install anti-scalding device to avoid the media temperature is too high in the pipe after

    the sun exposure and cause user scalding.The standard anti-scalding temperature is 35℃.

    Standard: ANSI Z358.1-2014

    Cable Heated Stand Eye Wash BD-540D

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  • Cable Heated Stand Eye Wash BD-540D


    Cable Heated Stand Eye Wash BD-540D:


    1. User-friendly design.


    2. Quality Assurance.


    3. Corrosion-resistant.


    4. Easy to use.


    5. Durable valve core.


    6. Mild flushing without harming eyes.

    Stand Eye Wash:

    Stand eye wash is one of eye washing devices. When the operator’s eyes or faces are accidentally splashed by toxic and harmful substances, they can quickly wash eyes and faces at the vertical eye washer within 10 seconds. The washing lasts for 15 minutes, effectively diluting the concentration of harmful substances, thus reducing the further harm. However, it is important to note that the stand eye washing device only increases the probability of success of medical treatment, and can not replace the professional treatment of the hospital. Later, it needs to be treated in the hospital.


    This type of eyewash only has eyewash system and no body shower system. Its structure is as follows:

    1. Eyewash nozzle 2. Eyewash Basin 3. Hand push board 4. Subject 5. Drainage tee 6. Bottom bracket

    Stand Eye Wash





    Product Model No. description
    Stand Eye Wash BD-540A 304 stainless steel. ABS bowl
    BD-540B The whole body is made of high quality ABS, better corrosion resistance, economical. Warning yellow, eye-catching.
    BD-540C 304 stainless steel
    BD-540D Eye wash valve is made of 1/2” 304 stainless steel ball valve
    BD-540E 304 stainless steel. ABS single nozzle
    BD-540F 304 stainless steel. ABS bowl and single nozzle
    BD-540N 304 stainless steel. ABS foot pedal