Stainless Steel Padlock BD-85A11~85A46

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    • The overall workmanship is meticulous, Meticulous SUS304 material with beauty appearance, And effective anti-corrosion and rust.
    • Double leakage holes to prevent water accumulation, effectively prevent the lock body water corrosion.
    • Edge of the circular arc design, fine grinding, not cut the hand, feel better.
    • Thickening of lock body, strong and firm, guard against theft.
    • Coarse beam anti-shear, anti-sawing, safe and reliable.
    • There are four lock body specifications, and each has 2 optional for long beam and short beam.

    BD-85A11                  BD-85A15

    Model Description Lock body size Shackle height
    BD-85A11 Keyed to differ, key -retaining Width: 30mmHeight: 26mmThickness: 16mm Height: 21mmDiameter: 5mmSpacing: 15mm
    BD-85A12 Keyed alike, key -retaining
    BD-85A15 Keyed to differ, key -retaining Height: 40mmDiameter: 5mmSpacing: 15mm
    BD-85A16 Keyed alike, key -retaining


    BD-85A21                        BD-85A25

    Model Description Lock body size Shackle height
    BD-85A21 Keyed to differ, key -retaining Width: 40mmHeight: 32mmThickness: 20mm Height: 26mmDiameter: 7.20mmSpacing: 20mm
    BD-85A22 Keyed alike, key -retaining
    BD-85A25 Keyed to differ, key -retaining Height: 46mmDiameter: 7.20mmSpacing: 20mm
    BD-85A26 Keyed alike, key -retaining


    BD-85A31                           BD-85A35

    Model Description Lock body size Shackle height
    BD-85A31 Keyed to differ, key -retaining Width: 50mmHeight: 38mmThickness: 20mm Height: 30mmDiameter: 9mmSpacing: 23mm
    BD-85A32 Keyed alike, key -retaining
    BD-85A35 Keyed to differ, key -retaining Height: 59mmDiameter: 9mmSpacing: 23mm
    BD-85A36 Keyed alike, key -retaining


    BD-85A41                     BD-85A45

    Model Description Lock body size Shackle height
    BD-85A41 Keyed to differ, key -retaining Width: 60mmHeight: 42mmThickness: 20mm Height: 36mmDiameter: 11mmSpacing: 28mm
    BD-85A42 Keyed alike, key -retaining
    BD-85A45 Keyed to differ, key -retaining Height: 59mmDiameter: 11mmSpacing: 28mm
    BD-85A46 Keyed alike, key -retaining







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  • 1. Certifications

    We have passed ISO, SGS, CE and ANSI certifications.

    All products comply with CE, and part of safety shower & eye wash also meet ANSI standard.


    2. Quality Control (QC)

    1st – Raw Materials Procurement

    raw material inspection

    Strictly control the purchase quality of raw materials

    2nd – Production process inspection

    During production inspection

    Professional QC is responsible for the quality control of all aspects of production

    3rd – Finished products inspection

    finished goods inspection

    Strictly control the quality of finished products

    1. Packaging & Shipping

    We use corrugated cartons or wooden boxes that meet export standards for packaging.

    Shipping by air, by express (By UPS/DHL/FEDEX/TNT) or by sea, all available.

    Packaging2. Delivery Time

    It usually takes 3-5 working days for small order and 7-15 working days for big order. Standard models are usually in stock.

    1. Company Information

    company infoworkshop

    2. R & D

    1st – Market Research

    Market Research

    Through exhibitions, customer surveys, and market research to understand customer and market needs, and formulate the company’s new product R&D plan.

    2nd – Demand Analysis and Development Plan

    Demand Analysis and Development Plan

    Feasibility analysis of new product R&D based on survey results, and determine the R & D plan.

    3rd – Development and Design

    Development and Design

    Develop and design new products independently according to the R & D plan.

    4th – Pilot Production

    Pilot Production

    Sample proofing and new product testing.

    5th – Mass Production

    Mass Production

    Mass production of qualified new products.

    3. Production Capacity

    Factory Address No. 36, Fagang South Road, Shuanggang Town, Jinnan District, Tianjin, China(In the Tianjin Cao’s Bend Pipe Co.,Ltd Yard)
    Factory Area 3000-5000 square meters
    Services Offer OEM Service Offered
    Design Service Offered
    Buyer Label Offered
    OEM Experience 21 years
    QC People 5-10
    R&D People 5-10
    Production Line 5
    Annual Output Value 5-10 million US
    Annual Production Name safety lockout
    Maximum 1000000 pieces
    Name eye wash&shower
    Maximum 20000 sets
    Name shoe making machine
    Maximum 15-20 sets


    4. Exhibition

    We have actively promoted exchanges and cooperation with customers from all over the world through global professional exhibitions held in Germany, the United States, and other areas.


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