Portable Eye Wash BD-570A

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  • Supply Ability: 100 pieces per day
  • Weight: 41kg
  • Size: 560*560*1000mm
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    Material: 304 stainless steel

    Eye Wash Valve: 1/2” 304 stainless steel ball valve

    Pressure: The eye wash provides water by air pressure, common air pressure: 0.6MPA

    Original Water: Drinking water, add water to the tank through the water supply at the top of the tank

    Water Storage: 45L

    Using Temperature: Ambient temperature range is 5°C~45°C

    Special Note: If the temperature is below 5°C, please use heat preservation measures or buy electric heat preservation cover.

    Do not use if the temperature is higher than 45°C, in order to avoid scalding, need to cool before use.

    Portable eye wash is very easy to operate, can use more than ten minutes continuously, suitable for outdoor where has no fixed water supply. The portable eye wash is also equipped with a portable cart that can be placed anywhere. the main pipe is 304 stainless steel.





    D 325mm * H 950mm

    D 325mm * H 2000mm

    Shower Valve


    1/4” 304 stainless steel ball valve


    Standard: ANSI Z358.1-2014



    BD-570A_01 BD-570A_02 BD-570A_03 BD-570A_04 BD-570A_05 BD-570A_06

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