Lockout/Tagout Procedures


  1. Prepare for shutdown.

Identify the type of energy (power, machinery…) and potential hazards, locate the isolation devices and prepare to turn off the energy source.

  1. Notification

Inform the relevant operators and supervisors who may be affected by isolating the machine.

  1. Shut down

Shut down the machine or equipment.

  1. Isolate the machine or equipment

Under necessary conditions, set isolation area for the machine or equipment which need Lockout/Tagout, such as warning tape, safety fence to isolate.

  1. Lockout/Tagout

Apply Lockout/Tagout for hazardous power source.

  1. Release hazardous energy

Release stocked hazardous energy, such as stocked gas, liquid. (Note: This step can operate before step 5, as per the actual situation to confirm.)

  1. Verify

After Lockout/Tagout, verify the isolation of the machine or equipment is valid.



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