Ecomonic Type Portable Eye Wash Stations


2600B (1)



Name Portable Eye Wash
Model BD-600A BD-600B
External Dimensions Water tank W 540mmm X D 300mm X H 650mm
Water Storage 60L
Flushing Time >15 minutes
Original Water Drinking water or saline, and pay attention to quality guarantee period
Using Environment Places where has no water supply.
This portable eye wash is made of polyethylene, safe green, suitable for using in the place without water supply, please use drinking or filtered water or saline. And pay attention to regular cleaning, after cleaning refilled with drinking water or saline.
Standard ANSI Z358.1-2014
BD-600B BD-600B handcart dimensions
H 1000mm X W 400mm X T 580mm,with 2 omni-directional wheels


Post time: May-25-2023