Hasp Lockout BD-8311 BD-8312

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  • Supply Ability: 1000 pieces per day
  • BD-8311 Weight and Size: 0.1062kg, 120*105*55mm
  • BD-8312 Weight and Size: 0.119kg, 135*100*55mm
  • BD-8313 Weight and Size: 0.04kg, 160*50*15mm
  • BD-8314 Weight and Size: 0.105kg, 160*50*15mm
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    1.Install the hasp lockout on the energy cutoff switch so that the equipment cannot be operated during maintenance.

    2.The equipment cannot be turned on unless the last person opens his/her padlock.

    Model Keyhole Quantity Material Jaw Size
    BD-8311 6 Steel jaw, polypropylene injection handle 1”
    BD-8312 6 Steel jaw, polypropylene injection handle 1.5”
    BD-8313 6 ABS resin lock body and PA6 lock shackle, insulation,  anti-chemical, anti-magnetic and non-conductive 78mm*18mm
    BD-8314 6 Spark-proof aluminum jaw, polypropylene injection handle 1.5”

    2 8311-8314

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